Types of Studies

Types of Studies

The Department of History offers day and weekend programmes:

first level certification (bachelor’s degree);
second level certification (master’s degree);
third level day studies (doctorate).

Studying history at the Department provides the student with a general knowledge in the humanities as well as a comprehensive knowledge in the area of Polish and world history, historical auxiliary disciplines, research methodology and historical research training. The programme of study is a reflection of the specific research carried out by the Department, primarily in the area of regional research. It also encourages individual development through choice of proseminars, seminars, specialties and specializations. The programme of first-level studies for the bachelor’s degree includes courses in general knowledge as well as speciality-oriented courses: cultural heritage, its protection and promotion, and social and economic history. The teaching specialization increases opportunities for professional development by preparing students to teach two subjects in primary and junior high schools. The bachelor’s degree allows students to continue studies at the master’s level not only in the area of history, but also in similar fields of humanities and social sciences. Third-level studies prepare students for independent research and provide them with the possibility to earn the title of academic doctor (PhD).

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