Division of the History of the 19th Century


Division of the History of the 20th and 21th Century


Divison for Cultural Changes Research and Science

Pokoje 385, 386 (41) 349-73-15



Head of Division

Dr hab. Jacek Pielas prof. UJK


Division Employees:


Divison of Political and Social History

Filia w Piotrkowie Trybunalskim



Head of Division

Dr hab. Janusz Budziński prof. UJK – Kierownik Zakładu


Division Employees:

prof. dr hab. Edward Jan Nalepa
prof. dr hab. Edward Opaliński
dr hab. Jacek Bonarek, prof. UJK
dr hab. Marek Dutkiewicz, prof. UJK
dr hab. Paweł Olszewski
dr Błażej Cecota
dr Rafał Jaworski


Section The History of Society and Culture of the Pre-industrial Era Research

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